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New Years Workplace Resolutions

New Years Workplace Resolutions

As we look back on the year that was and all of our accomplishments, we also look forward to bringing in a new year with the excitement that potential brings. What is the best way to apply your new years resolution goals to your work life?

Some recommendations say you are more likely to keep your resolution if you simplify the statement you’re more likely to follow through. One example a writer gave was publishing 3 stories a week on their blog, which he was proud to accomplish a year later. This turns out to be equivalent to writing 2 books in a year but setting that as the stated goal felt too daunting and unachievable. We like the following graphic as an example of ways to breakdown goals for 2019 in a Less|More list:

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For the office; can you look to set goals for the new year as a team? Some examples might look like:

  • Improve communication with our suppliers

  • Support work/life balance for the team

  • Take time to celebrate team successes

These are more qualitative than quantitative—and feel more personal than a goal bringing your team together throughout the year. Set benchmarks so your team can check in on progress or amend the initial resolution if your company goes through

Holiday Office Parties

Holiday Office Parties